Workshop February 25th

Plant Dye Workshop

Come enjoy some time away with me at my workshop! I want to connect you back to self through creative expression and nature. This workshop is driven by the magic of bringing you and others together—with the goal of providing empowerment.

Come prepared to learn and grow with an open heart. 

Date: Saturday February 25th
Time: 1 pm - 3:30 PM
Location: Contact Climbing Gym 

Purchase workshop ticket here!! 

Then come back to let me know what you would like to dye. HERE

***ticket and items to dye are sold separately :) 

Purchase the products you would like to dye HERE.

You have 4 options: 

  • Organic Cotton Socks $15
  • Organic Cotton Bandana $20
  • 100% silk Pillowcase $60
  • Organic Cotton Shirt $30  

What is included:

  • Hands on Dye Experience. 

      • Learn basic 101 dye techniques.
      • Learn how to make immersion dye baths
      • Learn how to make prints with leaves, bark extracts, flower petals and vegetable scraps.
      • Take home your plant dyed goodies 
Email for more information or with any questions you may have!