How to care for your naturally dyes goods

How to care for your naturally dyes goods

Care Instructions:

Please treat your naturally dyed garment with care like a living being.

Wash in cold water with mild detergent and not to pour soap directly on item. For the first few washes we recommend washing them separately. You can also put them in the dryer (**silk and cotton bandanas are hand wash and line dry only), but we find that the color remains richer over time if you line dry your items.

With stains, spills, and all the joys that clothes experience, we do not recommend spot cleaning (it can make it worse). Natural dye can be pH sensitive, some liquids (acidic liquids) can alter the color of the garment. In these cases simply wash the whole garment a couple of times and the spots should fade back to the original color. Avoid dry cleaning. The chemicals used in dry cleaning will destroy the natural dye colors. 

 For Daily care, Be mindful of the sun. Colors fade faster if left outside.

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